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Affiliate Policy

Affiliate Policy of

The user can not promote any affiliate links on! However, the Admin and moderator have the right to have affiliate links to our site in any section or page of Mappians. We promote different kinds of affiliate links when we find this link is helpful for customers and we can also generate income through it. Merchant user can give external links (not affiliate links) that is not harmful and should be relevant to the content. If we find out the links are harmful and not relevant to the content then we can delete the links with warnings and in some rare cases ban that user without any notice.

We Don’t Promote

We don’t promote any affiliate links that are harmful or illegal for customers or sellers. So don’t worry about clicking those links as we don’t allow the user to provide affiliate links, none can promote harmful links as well which is safe for any kind of user who is visiting our website.


Our affiliate link must be relevant otherwise it will be a fake promise to our audience and the audience will start feeling uncomfortable with this website which is not our primary purpose. So All links must be relevant to the content.

How We Promote Affiliate

When you add a property or shop to our site. You will get different kinds of link options and websites. if you buy our merchant plan, in the Book Now field you are allowed to paste your website link and you will get another link option as an external reference link where you can put your external links wherever your property is located online without shortening the URL so that our valuable customer can find out you easily wherever you are in the internet and choose his/her hotel or any other property according to their desire website as we want to provide value to customers and provide infinite option to book your property, It enhance user experience. If you are a free user, we promote affiliate links or normal similar property links by giving ultimate guide with other websites so that users can find your property on different platforms as well here we use affiliate links or direct links to enhance user experiences. For example: You have a hotel in California and you are a free user of Mappians but we also have space of big button to increase CTR with our CPC packages for others it’s just a kind of promotion of other websites. We are allowed to set big buttons, ultimate guide, and external reference links but don’t worry your social links, website link contact information, email, and private message will still be visible in your free account so that you can get leads free.

Note: Only a merchant user can provide a big button link with a featured customize label, and other links in external references fields and do whatever he wants to do after claiming their account free and they can maintain their account with full customization even they can even delete our affiliate links and replace it with their normal links.