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Vivant Eco Beach Resort

Foot in the sand in Barra Grande next to one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil
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  • Brazil
  • Posted 6 years ago
  • This position has been filled

The sea that knocks on our door is that of the natural pools of Taipu de Fora.
And it was inspired by the beauty of these waters of the Maraú peninsula that Vivant Eco Beach was created combining preservation and comfort in a piece of Atlantic Forest in front of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

A refuge in the midst of nature that combines a unique cultural experience in Barra Grande, with the beachfront Bahianity and the charms of the peoples of Costa do Dendê.

Our mission is to allow those who visit us to experience the natural elegance of being surrounded by 50,000 square meters of native vegetation, with their feet on the sand a few steps from the blue sea and the serene breeze that lulls the waters surrounded by corals, where the fish nest.

That’s why at Eco Beach, our accommodations allow you to experience the wonders of this land, which we so revere…

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Fazenda Mona Lisa - Praia de Taipú de Fora, bangalô 9.9, Marau, CEP 45520-000, Brazil

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